Walking Backward Through Darkness

A First Mis-step

Sent from Absolom by Venture-Captain Aramis of the Pathfinders to recover the journal of one of his agents, the party travelled to the borderlands between Taldor and Qadira.
Following the description of the location of a lost temple from the missing agent’s last missive, they made their way into the mountains and along a narrow canyon to a cave. Entering, they found a narrow crawlway that led to an underground chamber with a high, domed ceiling but no other ways in or out.
Searching the area, Arahana Titan Smasher uncovered a tarnished silver rectangle, buried in the dirt floor. As she examined the item, the entire party fell upwards towards the domed ceiling. Falling and disoriented, Arahana thought, momentarily, that she saw a shadowed figure watching them.
Before she could confirm this observation, however, she hit the ceiling. Landing heavily on her companions, only Arahana remained conscious as the portal built into the chamber’s ceiling activated and dropped all of them into a room covered, floor to ceiling, with mosaics of celestial beings.



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