Walking Backward Through Darkness

The Dark before the Fey

Whoops! This whole episode clearly slipped everyone’s minds. Before the Fey Garden, our heroes ventured into a temple complex in the underdark, blocked off by cave-ins and revealed again by the slow action of water and then the somewhat faster action of a drow wizard’s slaves.
Fighting past swarms of bats and darkmantles, they found their way into the caverns occupied by the drow, slaying merrily as they went. The drow wizard, realising that bad things were afoot when his warriors failed to return, unleashed his enslaved djinn, whose invisible exploits battered and bruised the party until they drove him off.
Eventually, the party returned to the temple proper, which seems to be a summoning device of some sort that the wizard was trying to activate. Here they slew the wizard and his bodyguard – after another less than successful encounter with the djinn, who dropped several of them into a room with a strange wraith-like creature. This freed the djinn, who promptly departed, leaving the party to deal with the drow’s slaves in their typically even handed manner (slaying only one of the three).
The surviving slaves then led them to a nearby supply outpost run by a retired dwarven adventurer where they were allowed to recover and restock before heading onwards.



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