Walking Backward Through Darkness

You were A-mazing

Stepping through from the Ice Temple, our heroes found themselves at the top of a warm, dusty complex of rooms built into an ancient pyramid and, somehow, without their Magus, who had failed to rematerialise on this side of the portal.
Another gripping adventure followed – in the group’s typical 5-minute bursts of adventuring followed by weeks of resting and healing up. The pyramid was largely deserted, but for a wraith and a pair of exploring scorpion-men who, sadly, did not realised just how great a taste for scorpion flesh our heroes had acquired in their previous adventures. With full bellies and morals intact (as they had only eaten the scorpion parts…), they ventured lower, into a maze filled with more delicious… I mean… dangerous… foes.
Battling past these creatures and ancient traps, our heroes came face to face with the maze’s guardian, a surprisingly strong and cunning minotaur who bloodied their noses twice – forcing high-speed retreats through the maze – before finally being felled. The heroes disappointment grew as the creature’s body faded away, preventing their planned victory feast.
It did, however, allow them to take the only exit, past the powerful wards designed to prevent people entering from outside the pyramid. From there, they climbed the outside of the pyramid (pausing only to slay an elemental creature of some sort who was objecting to their presence on his holy pyramid) and found the next portal spinning in the empty air above it.
At around this point, their magus appeared – having followed them through the pyramid after being… delayed in transit… in the previous portal.



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