Walking Backward Through Darkness

Naught but skin and bones

Having destroyed the vermin infesting the area around the Forgotten’s ‘cell’, the characters, joined at last by their now-conscious svirfneblin companion, pressed onward through the second portal and into the next level of the prison complex.
The great undead dragon that greeted them in the following room gave some indication of what was to follow – a temple and crypt filled with undead – but, fortunately, its guardian seemed not to care about people exiting the portal.
Leaving the Ravener for later… our heroes also decided to bypass the sigil-encrusted doors with their ever-so-subtle indications of magical traps (shattered bone fragments and the outlines of scorched angels on opposite walls) and concentrate their efforts on the more… accessible… areas of the complex.
Amidst the dust and decay, battling their way past skeletons, wights and vampire spawn, our heroes begin to regret not buying more rations before going adventuring…



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