Brazzakurr the Bound

A bound silver dragon, transformed into a Ravener by the backlash of the goddess' death


The bleached white skeleton of an enormous dragon sits atop a huge block of black stone. As you pass, a faint glimmer of blue light in its eye sockets seem to follow you across the room. A shudder of crackling energy runs along the skeleton and the head turns to follow your progress but the beast does not stir from its resting place.


Brazzakur was a native of Golarion, a silver dragon brought to the worship of the goddess in the early days of her invasion – seeing as he did the opportunities for spreading law and order inherent in a single, benevolent goddess.

During the war he fought for the goddess and, when she needed a warden for her herald’s jail, he volunteered – partly out of duty but also due to his weariness at the death and destruction around him.

Had he been left after the war’s end, he would most likely have relented and done his best to release the herald but, unfortunately, the goddess’ death warped the binding enchantments placed upon him and he died, instantly being transformed into a Ravener.

Brazzakurr the Bound

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